CO2 Laser Cutter

CO2 laser cutting machine is a cutting equipment used in industrial production.

Common in the field of non-metal laser marking are solid laser marking machines and gas laser marking machines (CO2 laser cutting machines). Non-metal laser cutting machines generally rely on laser power to drive the laser tube to emit light. It is transmitted to the laser head, and the focusing mirror installed on the laser head condenses the light into a point, and this point can reach a very high temperature, so that the material is instantly sublimated into gas, which is sucked away by the exhaust fan, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting ; The main gas filled in the laser tube used by the general laser cutting machine is CO2, so this laser tube becomes a CO2 laser tube, and the laser cutting machine using this laser tube is called a CO2 laser cutting machine.

In order to divide the ceramic substrate into independent parts, a laser marking machine can be used to mark (drill) a series of partial (unpassed) high tolerance holes. These holes are approximately one-third of the depth of the substrate, generating preferential fault lines for later rupture. Using other techniques, it is also possible to process vias, slots, and determine topography and fine patterns on the substrate.

Due to the absorption characteristics of commonly used ceramics, CO2 lasers have become the laser of choice. The energy of the pulsed CO2 laser beam is absorbed on the ceramic surface, thereby causing local heating, melting and vaporization. Figure 2 shows a top view of a 0.0045 inch scribe line in alumina, showing that during the relatively long pulse (approximately 75-300m, depending on the thickness), under the low energy edge of the Gaussian beam energy profile, because Heat affected zone (HAZ) caused by local melting.
For many years, when CO2 lasers work in long shifts, they consume a lot of resources in terms of gas and energy, and require maintenance plans. In addition, the pulse parameters typically used in this application mean that sealed tube CO2 laser technology is not suitable. Overall, after years of extensive improvements, CO2 lasers are still behind other technologies in terms of reliability and maintenance issues.

During maintenance, the beam quality of these lasers is still easy to change; the smallest spot size that can be achieved is also susceptible to long waves. Individually, the laser beam absorption characteristics of ceramics have allowed this technology to influence this market for a long time.

Fiber lasers can provide a series of unique properties and are used in a wide range of material processing. For example, a reliable Gaussian beam profile (TEM00) is important for achieving and maintaining a consistent spot size on the surface. Fiber lasers perform well in this respect, and all output powers exhibit a particularly high-quality beam distribution, thus allowing large working distances (independent). Another advantage is that the small spot size and high-quality light beams are converted into high-brightness light at the focal point, which realizes reliable processing, high accuracy, and minimum HAZ.

Fiber lasers can achieve the greatest reduction in operating costs through the following several ways: lower maintenance costs, no alignment or calibration requirements, longer uptime, and improved production quality at higher yields. Fiber lasers are compact and durable, so they are suitable for the most challenging industrial environments.

Feiyue’s proprietary technology has broken through a new field of technological progress in the industry, that is, it cannot match the processing of other materials in the production of consumer electronics. There are relatively few industry giants. On the one hand, the cost of competition is high, and on the other hand, they also need to maintain flexibility in changing customer needs. Faced with this situation, any technological advancement may lead to winning important markets.

The reduced profile size achieved by the combination of fiber lasers and proprietary surface modification technology opens the door for finer scribing of electronic product-grade ceramic processing. The monthly output usually exceeds 10 million pieces, which can easily meet the needs of cellular phones and music players. The production needs of high-density LEDs for large-scale consumer electronics products for backlighting and automotive applications. In fact, some industries are requiring ceramic substrate holes to be less than 0.003 inches, and the accuracy is better than 0.0005 inches. It is not easy to achieve this resolution with CO2 laser marking machines, but Synchron’s new method has reached this level in mass production. .

The surface treatment can be sprayed, dipped or rolled, and does not require a lot of drying time. The application of ceramic surface treatment does not increase other process steps, because some types of coating steps (usually anti-spatter layers) are more common for established CO2 processing processes. In addition, the residues produced by the new process are less active and in smaller quantities, which will only eliminate the problem of splashing.

Processing the finer morphology of ceramic substrates at higher speeds brings advantages to the electronics industry in terms of design, performance and cost. Fiber lasers can help achieve a better balance among the important criteria required by viable competition: usually effective optical performance, process flexibility, high output, long-term system operation, and reliability. In the case of Feiyue, fiber lasers help ensure a level of ceramic processing performance that was previously unattainable

The conditions applicable to CO2 laser cutting machines mainly include special parts requiring uniform cutting, stainless steel with a thickness of no more than three millimeters and non-metallic materials with a thickness of no more than 20 millimeters used in advertising, decoration and other service industries. There is also a cutting profile. Complicated but small amount of workpiece processing, used to save the cost and cycle of manufacturing molds.

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