Maintenance Methods

Laser is a kind of light, like its electroluminescence in nature, it is produced by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions), and it is caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is light, it is obviously different from ordinary light in that the laser only relies on spontaneous emission for a very short period of time, and the subsequent process is completely determined by the excitation radiation. Therefore, the laser has a very pure color and almost no divergent directivity. , Engraving machine, extremely high luminous intensity. The laser also has high coherence, high intensity, and high directivity. After the laser is generated by the laser, it is transmitted by the reflecting mirror and irradiated on the processed object through the focusing mirror, so that the processed object (surface) is subjected to strong heat and the temperature increases sharply. The point is quickly melted or vaporized due to high temperature, and the operation track of the laser head is matched to achieve the purpose of processing.

Recommendation: Clean the water tank and replace the circulating water once a week.

Note: Make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water before the machine works.

The water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water and keep the water temperature below 35°C. If it exceeds 35°C, the circulating water needs to be replaced. (It is recommended that users choose a cooler or use two water tanks).

Clean the water tank: first turn off the power, unplug the water inlet pipe, let the water in the laser tube automatically flow into the water tank, open the water tank, take out the water pump, and remove the dirt on the water pump. Clean the water tank, replace the circulating water, restore the water pump back to the water tank, insert the water pipe connected to the water pump into the water inlet, and arrange all joints. Power on the water pump alone and run for 2-3 minutes (make the laser tube full of circulating water).

If the temperature is very low in winter, it may cause the water in the laser tube to freeze. You can add antifreeze to prevent the water from freezing and cause the laser tube to break.

Long-term use of the fan will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, make the fan generate a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the fan suction is insufficient and the smoke exhaust is not smooth, first turn off the power, remove the air inlet and outlet pipes on the fan, remove the dust inside, then turn the fan upside down, and pull the fan blades inside until it is clean , And then install the fan.

(It is recommended to clean before work every day, and the equipment must be turned off)

There are 3 reflectors and 1 focusing mirror on the engraving machine (No. 1 reflector is located at the emission exit of the laser tube, which is the upper left corner of the machine, No. 2 reflector is located at the left end of the beam, and No. 3 reflector is located at the fixed part of the laser head. At the top of the laser head, the focusing lens is located in the adjustable lens barrel at the bottom of the laser head. The laser light is reflected and focused by these lenses and emitted from the laser head. The lens is easily stained with dust or other contaminants, which can cause laser loss or damage to the lens. Do not remove the lens when cleaning the No. 1 and No. 2 lenses. Just place the lens wiping paper dipped in the cleaning solution carefully along the center of the lens. Rotating edge wipe. The No. 3 lens and focusing lens need to be taken out of the frame and wiped in the same way. After wiping, they can be replaced as they are.


  1. The lens should be wiped gently, and the surface coating should not be damaged;
  2. The wiping process should be handled gently to prevent falling;
  3. When installing the focusing lens, be sure to keep the concave surface down.

(It is recommended to clean once every half month, shut down operation)
Guide rails and linear shafts are one of the core components of the equipment, and their function is to play a guiding and supporting role. In order to ensure the high processing accuracy of the machine, the guide rails and straight lines are required to have high guiding accuracy and good movement stability.

During the operation of the equipment, due to the large amount of corrosive dust and smoke generated during the processing of the processed parts, these smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rail and linear shaft for a long time, which has a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and will Corrosion points are formed on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail, which shortens the service life of the equipment. In order to make the machine work normally and stably and ensure the processing quality of the products, the daily maintenance of the guide rail and linear axis must be done carefully.

Note: Please prepare for cleaning the guide rail-dry cotton cloth, lubricating oil
The guide rails of the engraving machine are divided into linear guide rails and roller guide rails. In the YM series, linear guide rails are used in X direction and roller guide rails are used in Y direction.

Cleaning the linear guide: first move the laser head to the far right (or left), find the linear guide, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth until it is bright and dust-free, and add a little lubricating oil (sewing machine oil can be used, do not use machine oil) , Slowly push the laser head from side to side several times to distribute the lubricating oil evenly.

Cleaning the roller guide rail: move the beam to the inside, open the end covers on both sides of the machine, find the guide rails, wipe the areas where the guide rails on both sides are in contact with the rollers with a dry cotton cloth, and then move the beam to clean the remaining areas.

After the motion system has been working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion connection will loosen, which will affect the smoothness of the mechanical motion. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, observe whether there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomena in the transmission components, and find problems in time. Sturdy and maintained. At the same time, the machine should tighten the screws one by one with tools after a period of time. The first firming should be about one month after the equipment is used.

The optical path system of the laser engraving machine is completed by the reflection of the mirror and the focusing of the focusing mirror. In the optical path, the focusing mirror does not have an offset problem, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of offset is relatively high. Large, although there will be no deviation under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the user check whether the optical path is normal before each work.

  1. Observe the general safety operation regulations of cutting machines. Start the laser strictly in accordance with the laser start procedure.
  2. Operators must be trained to be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and to master the knowledge of the operating system.
  3. Wear labor protection equipment according to the regulations, and you must wear protective glasses that meet the regulations near the laser beam.
  4. Do not process a material before it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by laser to avoid the potential hazards of smoke and vapor.
  5. When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the post or be taken care of without authorization. If it is necessary to leave, the operator should stop the machine or cut off the power switch.
  6. Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach; turn off the laser or shutter when not working; do not place paper, cloth or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.
  7. When an abnormality is found during the processing, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the fault should be eliminated or reported to the supervisor in time.
  8. Keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding area clean, orderly, and free of oil pollution, and stack the workpieces, plates, and waste materials in accordance with the regulations.
  9. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing the welding wires to avoid leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders should comply with gas cylinder supervision regulations. It is forbidden to explode the cylinder in the sun or close to a heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.
  10. Observe high-voltage safety regulations when repairing. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1,000 hours of operation or every six months of maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with regulations and procedures.
  11. After turning on the machine, manually start the machine in the X and Y directions at low speed, and check whether there is any abnormality.
  12. After inputting the new part program, test run it first and check its operation.
  13. When working, pay attention to the operation of the machine tool to avoid accidents caused by the cutting machine going out of the effective stroke range or two collisions.

A piece of laser cutting machine equipment is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, so you must pay attention to it during operation, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance to increase the service life of the equipment, save costs, and create greater benefits.

1. Necessary protective equipment for laser cutting machine.

The typical protective equipment for laser cutting machines is laser protective goggles, because protective goggles that prevent laser damage to human eyes can be divided into reflection type, absorption type, diffraction type and composite type according to their protection principles. Of course, they It will be filtered and protected according to the laser radiation wavelength of the laser cutting machine to achieve the protection of the laser cutting machine laser of the human body. This is also the safer and convenient protective equipment for the laser cutting machine on the market.

2. Self-protection against radiation of laser cutting machine.

If the human body has enough health, it can resist the slight radiation of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, laser cutting machine operators should pay attention to eating more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, and often drink green tea and so on. Because these foods can help humans to better protect the eyes, so that the human body can better protect the human body under the conditions of laser cutting machine radiation.

First of all, you need to know the graphics in PDF format and learn how to operate the software that comes with the machine. (The use of the software requires the installation of the software, the dongle, and the software cannot be opened without the dongle. The installation sequence is to install the data transmission port and the dongle driver first and then install the operating software. The software has power, speed and other adjustments.

Because of the material The material thickness varies. Thick and difficult to cut the power is high and the speed is slow, and vice versa. For power adjustment, you can use the spot shot on the machine operation panel to test whether the power can cut through the material. It is the computer, and the machine operation panel. There are internal control and external control. The internal control is the control of the machine itself, and the external control is computer control.

Use the operating software to download the PDF graphics of the cutting machine to the machine chip, and press the arrow keys on the machine operation panel to select a starting point. Then press the start button to start cutting.

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